Our kombucha is made in  re-purposed oak wine barrels using a traditional, wild brewing process.

We focus on real ingredients, use traditional fermentation methods and strive to deliver something outside of the sphere of your standard beverage choices.

Take Control of Your Health

A variety of perfectly blended flavours using organic and local fruits, herbs, spices and botanicals

What People Are Saying

Since being diagnosed with IBS, I have started drinking Kombucha and eating more fermented foods and have been amazed at the results.


Grave Van Dorn

I had never found an alternative to alcohol that I wanted to drink when socializing until I found Kombucha. It has literally changed my life.


David Reynolds

Christy has been so attentive, warm and instructive and I feel inspired by her journey. My body feels rejuvenated now fermented products are part of my daily life.


Levin Day

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