Hello & Welcome to the world of fermenting tea.

Kombucha is an ancient fermented tea beverage that supports your gut health. It is brewed using a Symbiotic Culture (SCOBY) – a supportive community of yeast, acids and bacteria, mutually dependent on one another – just like us. Kombucha cultures are traditionally passed down over generations and our story began a similar way, shared with us by a hard-working local organic Farmer, which we have nurtured over time so that we can lovingly share it with you.

  • Raw/Unpasteurized
  • Brewed in oak barrels
  • Traditionally fermented for 3+ week
  • Not from concentrate, 
  • Flavoured with real ingredients from ethical suppliers
  • No added sugar or food additives ie. artificial flavouring 

At Collingwood Kombucha we believe our Kombucha making process should be shared with anyone interested in putting the time and care into making their own version of this unique and healthy beverage.

Hibicus Lime

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